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“Creation is just a heartbeat away” -Dr. Richard London

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Ascended Radio hosted by Jessica Spencer

jessicaThis show will provide intriguing and life transforming wisdom regarding the process of ascension or spiritual awakening in a simple and easily understood manner.



Are You a Slave to Your Life?

Interview w/Dr. Richard London
unnamedAre you a slave to your life? On this show we will discuss how to release yourself from slavery and discuss what true human freedom looks like with Dr. Richard London. In his renowned workshop “Winning in the Divine Game of… more

by Ascended Radio in Spirituality
Wednesday April 16,2014 at 630pm PDST

Clarity From Chaos
Dr. London will be speaking on Monday May 12, 2014 at 6PM PDST on the topic of money What is all the talk about ”Money”. We shall explore Money in depth, and human’s dependence on it.



Dave Campbell – The Campbell Group

daveDave Campbell has over 20 plus years as a program/project manager. Having worked in most major industries, Dave has successfully handled small to very large capital projects.

Heading a very successful consulting firm now operating under the name The Campbell Group, Dave has honed his professional skills and is now perfecting ways to apply his knowledge to conquering life’s challenges.

The Campbell Group, in addition to overseeing complex projects is also focused on coaching and mentoring project managers on the soft skills needed to enhance their success.

Dave launched a weekly radio show to share to his insight—and to explore the knowledge of others who have been down divergent paths. His blog, Clarity from Chaos, delivers insightful information on a number of relevant life and career topics.

As host, Dave interviews authors and leaders in their chosen fields, discussing how the guest and their expertise have approached problems and developed innovative solutions to today’s issues. Whether the problems are internal or external, financial or philosophical, Dave and his guests talk about what it takes to establish, or re-establish, the core strengths of the individual/entrepreneur.



Kimberly Rinaldi – Lessons In Joyful Living

kimDr. London will be speaking on Tuesday May 13, 2014 at 10AM PDST on the topic of Money What is all the talk about ”Money”. We shall explore Money in depth, and Human’s dependence on it.



Full Power Living

ileneHosted by “The Emotional Pro”, Ilene Dillon, Full Power Living is awakening the world to the power and importance of human emotions! Creator/Host Ilene Dillon, MSW offers weekly broadcasts on a variety of topics–because …read more

Dr. London will be speaking on Thursday May 29, 2014 at 9AM PDST on the topic of Money What is all the talk about ”Money”. We shall explore Money in depth, and Human’s dependence on it.



‘Tell Me Your Story’ with Richard Dugan

rchI’m Richard Dugan, host of ‘Tell Me Your Story”, new paradigms for a new world. Giving you choices and knowledge of those choices to make your dreams come true.

I am joined in studio by Amrita Ma, my wife. We have been producing this show since September, 2007. Every program is available on the website,

Every Sunday at 3pm pdt. US 815-880 8255 CA 613 899-8736

Dr. Richard London will be on Sunday, April 20,2014. The conversation will be thrilling account of solutions to life’s questions , problems and More… Do not miss this one

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