About Us

Dr. Richard London uses the seven faces of intention. He mentors, and trains heart-centered entrepreneurs and service professionals with a vision and desire to positively impact the world to build successful six-figure, and multiple six-figure businesses with their deepest profound skills, wisdom, and personal gifts.

We provide high-leverage training programs, events, and mentoring for entrepreneurs and professionals ready to transform their businesses & lives in ways they may not yet have imagined, to expand their scope, impact and reach, radically expand their income, and bring peace of mind, ease and joy to their businesses, life and move them into Wellness in every area of their life.

Dr. London’s Life Wellness System will create both life-altering shifts to limiting beliefs and pragmatic step-by-step plans and road maps to Wealth, Wellness, Success, and Harmony and moving into the only life path called WELLNESSAIRE, Dr. London’s Mentoring has provided training for thousands of aspiring professionals driven to create positive change. Our mission is to provide wisdom, expand, authenticate, empower, energize, bring clarity and vision to all so they may reach the highest level of personal and professional transformation, Our dedication is to create the very best Role Models in the World that truly, “Make The World a Better Place”.

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